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Poker News from around the world:

March 9, 2009

What could be more fun than winning a hundred dollars in a fast-paced, sit ‘n‘ go tournament? Winning $100,000 or more at that same tournament!

Titan Poker is proud to offer its players an exclusive jackpot tournament series, where they can take home cash prizes of tens of thousands of dollars.

Win six consecutive $50+$9, six-player Fort Knox Sit ‘n‘ Go tournaments and you‘ll take home the jackpot prize starting at $50,000. The jackpot increases by $10,000 every week and has frequently been awarded with prizes as high as $150,000.

If your consecutive winning streak is broken and you finish in second place, don‘t worry. You still qualify for a prize! Six tournaments in a row with either a first or second place finish gives you $750 in cash.

The Rio Jackpot starts out initially at $25,000 and increases by $10,000 each week until some skillful player manages to win six of the tournaments in a row. The Maui Jackpot starts at $15,000 and also increases progressively week by week. That‘s an incredible deal for a $5 + $1 sit ‘n‘ go tournament entry.

Don‘t have a big budget for tournament play? There‘s a jackpot sit ‘n‘ go tournament series for you – the Dirty Dozen. And all you have to do is win four tournaments in a row for a quick $2,000 prize.

Jackpot sit ‘n‘ go tournaments = poker action with huge prizes at Titan Poker! Titan Poker currently offers more than $16,000,000 in monthly guaranteed prizes. Get into the action at Titan Poker today!

October 22rd, 2008

(Doyles Room Press Release)

Red Rock Harley-Davidson Celebrates Las Vegas Grand Opening Featuring Hoyt Corkins Celebrity Poker Tournament Curtis & Co. Watches, the Golden Nugget, Team Brunson, Hogs & Heifers Saloon, New Poker, WPT Boot Camp, and Who’s Your Daddy Energy Drink support fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Las Vegas, NV - October 23, 2008
-- Red Rock Harley-Davidson is celebrating the unveiling of its brand new 104,000 square-foot Las Vegas store with a three-day party from 7 through 9 November. The “Rock-Hard, Ride Harder” event is open to the public, featuring Hawaiian Tropic girls, food, drinks, music, demos, on-site financing, the new line of 2009 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and the Hoyt Corkins Celebrity Poker Tournament (CPT).

Play with the pros in Las Vegas on Saturday, 8 November, starting at 3 p.m. and compete for the grand prize of a 2009 Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a WORLD model Curtis & Co. watch, a lead crystal trophy designed by Legacy Alliance, Inc, and Harley-Davidson merchandise. Proceeds will benefit the Nevada Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Celebrity tournament director Matt Savage will emcee the special event featuring guest appearances by Doyle Brunson, Cyndy Violette, Todd Brunson, Pam Brunson, Brad “Yukon” Booth, Chip & Karina Jett, Mark Newhouse, Brandon Cantu, Jeff Madsen, Lee Watkinson, James VanAlstyne, and 2008 World Series of Poker final table players David “Chino” Rheem and chip leader Dennis Phillips.

Anyone may participate in the tournament, and players will enjoy complimentary drinks served by Hogs & Heifers Saloon. WPT Boot Camp will conduct a free poker seminar at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday for those who would like to improve their game or learn how to play poker.

New Poker, “The most strategic hold’em in the world,” will host one-table $60 qualifying tournaments on Friday, 7 November, for Saturday’s Hoyt Corkins CPT, and will also provide alternative games on the day of the poker tournament.

Saturday’s activities will include a prize raffle, a B&B cigar lounge sponsored in-part by The Golden Nugget, Triumph Sport’s silent auction, free samples of Who’s Your Daddy Energy Drink, and poker personality Robert Williamson, III will emcee a live auction featuring autographed poker memorabilia. All proceeds will benefit JDRF.

For more enter DoylesRoom here:

October 1, 2008

Poker Book Review: Mike Caro's 'Caro's Secrets of Winning Poker

The self-styled "Mad Genius of Poker," Mike Caro, has established for himself a well-earned place among the pantheon of poker authors, primarily thanks to his classic Caro's Book of Poker Tells, oft-cited as one of the most influential poker books ever penned. His newest title, Caro's Secrets of Winning Poker, brings together advice on a wide range of poker-related topics, providing a useful compendium of concepts for both novice and experienced players.

This is the fourth edition of what began as Caro's Fundamental Secrets of Poker (first published in 1991), here updated and expanded to include new material, including a section on hold'em (discussing both limit and

no-limit). As Caro explains in the introduction, the book compiles what he regards to be the most important concepts from his live seminars, simulated here in print with "blackboards" punctuating every mini-lecture. The format resembles that of Caro's contribution to Super/System 2 wherein he offers a list of tips, and a couple of those reappear among the book's hundred-plus lessons spread out over fifteen chapters.

Indeed, one might submit (respectfully) that repetition -- in the service of hammering home advice Caro deems worth repeating and remembering -- is a hallmark of Caro's style of instruction. Much like a teacher reiterating important information to a classroom full of students, Caro frequently stops himself mid-lecture to say "that's an important concept, so I'm going to repeat it" and then does just that. It is an effective method, further exemplified by the "blackboards" on which a given point is summarized again for the reader.

Caro begins with one of those core concepts, what he calls "the primary truth that governs both poker and the real world beyond poker," namely, his famous saying that "In the beginning, everything was even money." The idea in essence is that before we gather relevant information for making a choice -- in poker or in life -- we repeatedly face situations where either alternative might appear equally attractive. Only when we educate ourselves, gathering "clues" and other pertinent evidence, are we able to realize every choice is not, in fact, "even money." Many (if not all) of the lessons that follow build on that principle as it applies to poker, helping readers decide how best to handle the many, many borderline decisions which Caro insists ultimately determine most of one's profit (or loss).

Following that introductory discussion and a chapter detailing how to play various games, Caro has a catch-all chapter of "General Winning Advice" covering topics such as self-discipline, player types, seat selection, table image, and other items. Ever the iconoclast, Caro often goes against the grain of conventional wisdom, such as when he disagrees with the familiar recommendation to play tight at a loose table and loose at a tight table (loosen up whenever the table is demonstrating either extreme, says Caro). That is followed by a chapter on bankroll management that concentrates primarily on psychology and attitudes towards money, rather than offer specific formulas.

The middle section of the book consists of separate chapters on seven-card stud, stud high-low, hold'em, draw poker, and other games. Unlike the more theoretical discussions one finds elsewhere in the book, these chapters tend to offer very specific, concrete recommendations (e.g., in hold'em, "an overcard and an inside-straight draw is usually better than two overcards").

Next comes a chapter on tells -- hitting some highlights from the Book of Poker Tells -- and another on tournament strategy. That Caro appears to favor a mostly conservative approach in both his hold'em and tourney chapters may surprise some readers familiar with his self-created "wild" image. Not an accident, Caro would likely say, since "your manner of play should not be consistent with your image."

That latter tip comes near the end of the book in a chapter collecting what he calls his "best 15 tips of the day." The book then concludes with a suggestion about record-keeping, followed by a "final winning affirmation." Such is how Caro says he ends his seminars as well, thereby underscoring the importance of having a positive attitude and confidence at the poker table.

Of course, it is much easier to be positive and confident once one is equipped with the knowledge and understanding to face poker's many challenges. As a handy compilation of several decades' worth of wisdom from one of poker's most-revered minds, Caro's Secrets of Winning Poker is a good place to go when seeking such instruction.



Less than a year ago, Martin Kläser was just another aspiring poker player chasing a dream. Today, he's a WSOP bracelet winner.

Kläser claimed his bracelet in Event #43, the $1.5K Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better tournament after besting a field of 720 players and a final table that included Team Full Tilts Erik Seidel. Kläser entered heads-up play with a 3:1 chip lead over Casey Kastle and played an ultra-aggressive style that saw him win all but three of the 19 hands that were dealt.

This victory earned Kläser, who began playing poker professionally less than one year ago, more than $216K and his first career bracelet.

Kläser became a Full Tilt Poker pro in October 2007 after winning the Million Euro Challenge Freeroll tournament in Munich, Germany, where he defeated a 2,100 player field and earned the opportunity to play three heads-up matches against Team Full Tilt members Chris Ferguson, Gus Hansen, and Howard Lederer. After receiving coaching from Team Full Tilts Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman and Erik Seidel, Kläser went on to win two of three matches and €350,000.

Septmeber 24, 2008

It was nearly the record victory that never was for 23 year-old Titan Poker player Olivier Lombard, whose last minute decision not to forfeit his $2,500,000 Guaranteed Prize Tournament seat earned him $500,000 in first prize winnings…via remote access from Africa.

Online poker room Titan Poker player Olivier Lombard is counting his blessings that a weekend trip around Africa did not end up costing him half a million dollars, thanks to a last minute decision that irrevocably changed the course of his life. It’s an intriguing series of near misses and close encounters that brought the 23 year-old to the final $2,500,000 GP tournament table on Sunday 7th September, culminating in his hard-won triumph in the early hours of Monday morning after fourteen consecutive hours of tournament play.

Olivier has quite a story, considering he won his seat to the September 7th tournament just four days before in a qualifying tournament he ‘nearly forgot’ to play in. After redeeming a free token to the last $2,500,000 Satellite, the French player finished a top five seat winner. Suddenly faced with the last minute dilemma of whether to reschedule his holiday or take part in the monumental tournament, he did what any true poker enthusiast would do. The trip came to an abrupt end and Olivier took his seat at the table on Sunday evening - via remote internet access from Senegal.

The Civil Engineer from France, otherwise known as player ‘axp15’ had already forged a formidable reputation as a cash table player after a year of playing at Titan Poker, but relatively little was known of the newcomer’s tournament strategy. Using the element of surprise to his advantage, the young player emerged from the wings triumphant over his more experienced opponents. Olivier readily admits ‘I was extremely lucky. You almost always need a lot of tournament experience to win such huge events.’

Arriving at the final table on Monday morning, the Titan Poker player recalls ‘I kept the stakes far from my mind and played as rationally as I could. I made sure to change strategy often during the game, depending on the opponents and the blinds. Lady Luck also made an appearance at two key points in the tournament and thankfully turned the cards in my favor at the River’.

Olivier stuck to his guns through fourteen hours of grueling ups and downs and finished number one out of a total 1596 players who competed on the day. Currently on a work contract in Africa, the 23 year-old will return to France half a million dollars richer, and en route to his very first home.

His winning tenacity and determination is evident in his final words of advice to other players. ‘Never give up’ he says to other tournament hopefuls. ‘Always go for number one. Don’t content yourself with just winning satellite seats. Focus on the game, keep the stakes out of your mind, and play your best.’

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